How do I reset my Moov Now™?

Step 1: Go to [Settings] > [Moov Now™ Daily Activity Tracking] > [Forget this Moov]

Step 2: When you click [Forget this Moov], a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to Cancel or Forget this Moov. Please click 'Forget'.

Step 3: Another pop-up may appear asking if you would like to sync remaining data. Please click 'Sync'.

Step 4: Press your Moov Now to connect, and click 'Sync Activity'.

Step 5: Your activity will sync at this step.

Step 6: Once the activity has finished syncing, you will have the option to 'Set up my Daily Moov'.

Step 7: Click 'Set up my Daily Moov' and press to re-connect your Moov Now.

Step 8: After your Moov Now has re-connected, click 'Make this my Daily Moov'.

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