What is Moov?

Moov is the most advanced personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) coach, the core technology behind all Moov products.

Moov is an artificially intelligent coaching fitness device that provides specifically designed training programs for multiple sports and physical activities. Like a real coach, Moov analyzes your biomechanics during exercise and provides you with real-time AI powered feedback to maximize your every workout and help prevent injuries resulting from improper form.

We designed Moov Now™ (and Moov Classic) to allow everyone to understand and improve their biomechanics during exercise and physical activity. Moov Now™ (and Moov Classic) is your new personal coach in sports including running, walking, swimming, cycling, cardio boxing, bodyweight workouts and more.

In addition to active minutes + sleep tracking, Moov Now™ (and Moov Classic) will coach, push, and encourage you during your workouts. Moov is defining the next generation of fitness gadgets by combining artificial intelligence and gameplay into a first-of-its-kind wearable device.

Moov HR™ takes this a step further by adding optical sensor technology to monitor your exact heart rate. By measuring heart rate from your head, Moov HR™ provides real-time feedback and coaching based on your heart rate to keep you in the most effective zones for getting the most out of your workout and keep burning calories for hours after your workout.

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