I only hear dings. I can't hear my coach talking

Your iOS mobile device has two different volume settings for when you have your headphones plugged in: ringer and audio volume. You can raise or lower these volumes by pressing the hard volume up/down keys on the left side of your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Even if your headphones ringer volume (displayed with the bell icon) is set to a high volume, your headphones audio volume (displayed with audio icon) could be set low or to mute. The volume of your coach’s voice is controlled by the audio volume. The ding within Moov Run & Walk that confirms you are meeting your goals is controlled by the ringer volume. To hear both your coach and the ding, check that both volume settings are high enough for you to hear.

In order to check that your headphones volume is on, press the volume up hard key on the left side of your mobile device.

If only the ringer volume is shown and you cannot view your headphones audio volume, you can adjust your hard key settings to allow proper volume adjustment. To do this, on your mobile device go to Settings → Sounds → Ringer and Alerts. Here, set the “Change with Buttons” switch to “off”. You will then be able to affect only your audio volume by pressing up and down on your volume hard keys.


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