My Moov Classic doesn’t light up at all. Help!

If your Moov Classic doesn’t light up, it is usually due to a dead battery. Go ahead and place your Moov into the included charger and it should light up green as it charges.

Remember to match the pinholes located on the bottom of your Moov core to the metal pins on the charger pad and insert your Moov core into the charging pad carefully, making sure to the match the grooves located on the inside of the charging pad and on the edges of Moov.

Your Moov Classic should look like this:


If you Moov Classic doesn’t light up green and you’re sure that you’ve inserted it properly into the charger, then go ahead and take your Moov core out of the charger and press down on the face for about 5-10 seconds. Your Moov Classic should restart and its initial light display will play.

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