What if my Moov Now™ isn’t connecting?

IMPORTANT: Moov Now and Moov Classic connect to your mobile device through the connection screen in the Moov Coach app and not through your mobile device Bluetooth Settings.

Click your Moov sensor to turn it on. In order to save battery power, Moov turns off automatically if it is not being used. Once on, your Moov will be able to connect.

If your Moov doesn’t light up when you click it, then your Moov device is out of battery. If you have a Moov Now™, replace the battery. If you have a Moov Classic, recharge it with the included charger and then try connecting again.

Check that your Bluetooth is on. Moov connects via Bluetooth, so it must be on in order to connect. If your Bluetooth is turned on, you will see the Bluetooth icon next to battery level. To turn on Bluetooth, go to your mobile device settings and switch  Bluetooth to “On”.

Make sure your Moov Now™ or Moov Classic is within range of your mobile device. Moov has a range of 50-100 feet unobstructed.

Android Bluetooth LE support can be flaky at times and makes it difficult to connect to Moov. If you are having difficulties connecting, one or more of these steps may fix the issue. These steps will also help with iOS devices.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth, keep it off for about 5 seconds, and turn it back on
  2. Press and hold Moov for about 10 seconds, until the light flashes
  3. Close out of the Moov app you are having issues with completely
  4. If none of these steps have worked, try restarting your phone

Moov only connects to one mobile device at a time. If your Moov is connected to another mobile device, it will not be able to connect. When the light of your Moov is pulsing quickly, it is connected to a mobile device. Disconnect from any other devices and then try again.

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