How will Moov Now™ help me stick to my workout routine?

Reasons people lose interest working out:

  • It takes too much time -> with Moov, workouts can be finished in 15 minutes: 7 Minute+, Sprint Intervals and Brisk walking can quickly add fitness into any part of your day.
  • You don’t know where to start working out and feel intimidated -> With Coach Moov, you’ll be guided through workouts and how to workout giving you the confidence to get back into a workout routine.
  • Bored with the same activities -> Being able to choose from 5 sports and 12+ exercise programs you have over 200 variations and levels so you’ll never get bored with Moov!
  • You’re too tired and don’t have the energy -> With Moov you can adjust the intensity levels. So on days you feel tired, start at a lower level. Once you start, you may surprise yourself and end up feeling more energized and when you do Coach Moov will help you reach that next level!
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