How is Moov Now™ different from Moov Classic™?

MOOV NOW™ was created and designed based on the feedback we received from its first generation Moov Classic.

Here are the improvements to MOOV NOW™: 


  1. MOOV NOW™ uses a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months, meaning you no longer have to worry about whether or not your device is charged.
  2. MOOV NOW™ is available  in 4 colors: Aqua Blue, Fusion Red, Blizzard White and Stealth Black.
  3. MOOV NOW™ is sleeker, lighter, more breathable and 44% smaller, making it almost unnoticeable when exercising and even more comfortable when worn all day.
  4. MOOV NOW™ is affordable and accessible for the average consumer at just $59.99.


  1. MOOV NOW™ uses a single app that includes 12+ programs and over 200 variations / levels. Users no longer have to flip through 5 separate apps in order to get all the benefits of Moov’s programs.
  2. Moov will continue adding new programs. The new programs will include Spinning, the popular Tabata bodyweight workout, and more!
  3. The new app will support 3rd party heart-rate monitors.
  4. Stand-alone Active Minute + Sleep Tracking.
  5. The Moov Sport Engine (Moov system’s brain) is more powerful than ever. Learning from millions of movement data points, it’s trained to be more accurate and intelligent at detecting your movements.
  6. Real-time connect and compete feature will be included in the new app to keep you motivated.
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