How do referral codes work?

When you order a Moov Now™ or Moov HR™, we will send you a unique, machine-generated referral link at the end of the checkout process. Share your referral link with as many people as you can. If someone clicks on your referral link and orders Moov, you receive a $5 credit. Each time you earn a $5 referral credit, we will send you an email.


The Rules

1) We have to be able to charge the person you refer. If there are any hiccups in processing the order payment for a referral, we cannot bestow the $5 credit upon you.

2) Each referral earns you a $5 credit, regardless of the quantity of Moov your friend orders. Say friend A orders 4 units of Moov, friend B orders 1 unit, and friend C orders 2 units. You will receive a total of $15 in credit.

3) There is no cap on referrals!

4) You cannot use your own referral code.

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