What will I see in Active Minutes + Sleep Tracking with Moov Now™?

Moov tracks your active minutes + sleep  and plots the information on a graph so you can see a full picture of how active you are during the day.


Active Minutes

The top graph shows your intensity and how much you were moving. The graph below the Daily Achievements shows how many minutes you were active in each half-hour segment throughout the day.

Moov sets a daily base goal of 30 active minutes based on recommendations from the World Health Organization. This can range from a light walk to a high-intensity Moov workout. Collect badges as you earn more active minutes.

Your active minutes are broken into coached and other activity. Coached minutes come from Moov workouts and other minutes come from wearing your Moov daily.

Moov workouts are distinguished from your other active minutes timeline, but count toward your total.

Goals and badges motivate you to keep moving and push yourself throughout the day.

Sleep Tracking

Moov automatically tracks when you fell asleep, when you woke up, and how much restorative sleep you had.

Dark blue bars represent light sleep. The aqua blue bars represent restorative sleep. A good sleep session will be 30-50%  restorative sleep. Restorative sleep helps your body recover and recharge. Your muscle tissue rebuilds, wounds heal, and your immune system strengthens during this time. Learn more about the benefits of restorative sleep here.

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