How can Moov Now™ replace my bike computer?

The Moov Coach app provides important data and occasional audio updates so you don’t even have to look down on your phone while cycling.

Audio updates occur at each mile/kilometer and let you know your distance, time, average cadence, and average Moov power. Moov coaching also occurs over audio to help you remember when to shift gears. Real-time coaching aims to teach you to save energy so you can ride farther and faster.

There are three live screens during your ride: Map, Cadence, and Moov power. You can see your time, distance, and speed whichever screen you are on.

The Map screen shows you where you are and highlights the route you have traveled on the map. The estimated grade (steepness) of where you are riding is also highlighted here (IPhone 6 and 6 Plus and newer only).

When you go to the map, the screen will automatically be locked so you can only see the current selection on the map. This makes it easier to swipe between screens. To change this, tap the map icon and you will be able to explore more of the map that isn’t immediately in view. To go back to your current location, tap the location icon.

The Cadence screen shows your cadence in real-time and how it relates to different exertion levels and terrain (Climb & Endurance, Brisk, and High - Sprinting). An arrow moves based on your cadence to show which zone your in. Gear icons show when you should be in high or low gear based on your cadence for the greatest efficiency.

The Moov power screen shows your real-time Moov power (Mp), as well as your average power throughout your ride. Moov power is based on a combination of speed, elevation, cadence, and Moov technology to provide a measure of your exertion and input. 


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