What information do I see in my swim activity report?

After uploading, you are given a detailed report on your swim. The lap length is set here.

Your Activity Report includes detailed insights into your workout as well as general overview, including total time of your swim (time before and after you get in the pool are not included), the number of laps, calories burned, and distance.

Also displayed here are your average stroke rate and average distance per stroke.

Moov highlights important details of your swim including your Fastest 100 (meters or yards, depending on your lap length) and your longest Continuous Swim with norests. Below each of these highlights are the laps during which you accomplished them and details about your strokes, pace, distance, and time.  At the bottom of the Highlights pace, a Pro Tip can be found with advice on how to improve your next swim!

Distance Per Stroke (DPS) is the distance covered per stroke cycle. It is measured in yards/cycle or meters/cycle.

Stroke Rate is the time taken for each stroke cycle. It is measured in seconds/cycle.

SWOLF is a swimming metric that provides an insight into swimming efficiency. It combines the number of strokes per lap and your time for the lap, and is the sum total of the two. For this reason, SWOLF scores are different for every stroke, and can also vary based on the lap length. SWOLF is a personalized score and lowering it over time (for the specific stroke type and lap length), can be an indication of improved efficiency.

Eg. If you swim 25 yards in 30 seconds and take 15 strokes, your SWOLF score will be 45 (30 + 15).

The Laps tab gets into the details of your swim. Here you can see the swim time, flip turn time, and number of strokes completed in each lap, as well as your average lap for the whole workout. Laps are grouped based on order and stroke style. Moov can also recognize certain sets, such as an individual medley (IM).

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