Which workout program should I choose?

Brisk Walking will challenge users with high cadence intervals. Fit for those looking to maximize their daily walks by increasing step count and calories burned.

Running Efficiency A low intensity workout. Moov coaches you towards being a more efficient runner with better running form..

Sprint Intervals will challenge users with high speed, high cadence intervals. This program is for those looking to get the most out of a quick workout when time is limited.

Speed Endurance will coach you to run further and faster through intervals that challenge you to sustain a target pace. This program is for those looking to increase their personal running records in marathons, triathlons and other races.

Open Training will give you visual feedback and occasional audio status updates on your pace and distance. After your run, you will get a Moov detailed Activity Report on your workout.

Moov’s specialized programs challenge you to improve your workout by helping to correct and improve your running biomechanics, encouraging you to challenge yourself, and aiding in injury prevention caused by improper form. Moov Run & Walk programs optimize your workout through interval training. As you increase your level, intervals intensify and push you to new limits.

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