How do I change the battery of my Moov Now™?


1. Open the core using the clear, triangular shaped tool provided in the back of the user manual.
NOTE: Do not open the core with a sharp tool. The core or rubber o-ring could be cut and the Moov will no longer be waterproof. If the o-ring is cut, please send an email to and do not get the Moov wet until the o-ring is replaced.

2. Replace with a new CR2032 coin battery.
Place the battery in the Moov so that the positive side (+) is visible and facing up.

3. Close the core and assure the seal is tight.
The core must be fully sealed to be waterproof. You will hear a distinct click when the core is securely closed again. Make sure the o-ring is fully enclosed in the core and not sticking out around the edge.

Alternative way to open the Moov Core:

Place the core between you thumb and forefinger

Insert the plastic tool directly into the crease.

Gently add pressure to separate the top and bottom of the core.

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