What activities can I use Moov HR Sweat™ for?

Except to Start and Stop Workout, Moov HR Sweat doesn't require a mobile device with the Moov Coach app to be near during use.

Moov HR Sweat™ core has the capacity to record up to 2 hours of heart rate data. Moov HR Sweat can be used for a wide variety of activities including but not limited to:

Supported Activities Moov HR Sweat™ Moov HR Burn™
Moov Run and Walk Yes_or_Tick.png Yes_or_Tick.png
Moov Cycling Yes_or_Tick.png Yes_or_Tick.png
Moov Swim Yes_or_Tick.png  
Moov Cardio Boxing Yes_or_Tick.png Yes_or_Tick.png
Moov 7 Minute+ Yes_or_Tick.png Yes_or_Tick.png
Moov HIIT Workouts Yes_or_Tick.png Yes_or_Tick.png
Moov HR Recording Yes_or_Tick.png  
Moov Open HR Training Yes_or_Tick.png Yes_or_Tick.png
Moov Open HR Running Yes_or_Tick.png Yes_or_Tick.png 
Outdoor Running Yes_or_Tick.png  
Indoor Running Yes_or_Tick.png   
Outdoor Cycling Yes_or_Tick.png   
Indoor Cycling Yes_or_Tick.png   
Pool Swimming Yes_or_Tick.png   
Hiking Yes_or_Tick.png   
Indoor Rowing Yes_or_Tick.png   
Weight Lifting Yes_or_Tick.png   
Outdoor Rock Climbing Yes_or_Tick.png   
Indoor Rock Climbing Yes_or_Tick.png   
Yoga Yes_or_Tick.png   
Cross Training Yes_or_Tick.png   
Group Classes Yes_or_Tick.png   


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