How to connect Moov Now™ and Moov HR Sweat™ for swimming?

How to wear Moov Now for swimming:

Wear your Moov Now securely on your wrist. For tips, see here.


How to wear Moov HR Sweat for swimming:

Wear your Moov HR Sweat securely on your head, with the core positioned on one of your temples. For step-by-step picture and video instructions, click here. Wear your swim cap over your Moov HR Sweat to better secure it in place. Do not wear your Moov HR Sweat over your swim cap - wear it under your swim cap.



How to connect Moov HR Sweat for swimming? 

Before your swim...

Step 1

Open Moov Coach App on your mobile device.


Step 2

Scroll down under All Workouts and select Swimming.


Step 3

Select Lap Swim.


Step 4

The default pool length is 25yd. You can change that by tapping on the drop down arrow.


Step 5

Click 'Start Workout'.


Step 6a and 6b

On the connection screen, you will see the option to connect a Moov Now and a heart rate monitor. Follow the instructions on this screen to connect your Moov Now and Heart Rate Monitor. If you are connecting your Moov HR Sweat for the first time, you may be requested to update your firmware at this step. Please go ahead and perform the update (instructions will be on the screen).

Connect_Swim_HR_6a.PNG Connect_Swim_HR_6b.PNG

Step 7

If your heart rate is not showing up, you may need to adjust the position of your Moov HR Sweat core on your temple. Make sure no hair gets in between the HR core and your temple.

Step 8

Once the Moov Now and Moov HR Sweat have been connected, and you see you heart rate reading, you may ‘Continue to Workout’.


Step 9

Store your phone in a safe place. Tap on ‘Start Recording’.


Step 10

You’ll then see this screen. You may now leave your phone in a safe place and proceed to swim. You don’t need your mobile device near you. Moov Now worn on your wrist and Moov HR worn on your head under your swim cap will record your swim data.



After your swim...

Step 11

After your swim, head back to where you stored your mobile device. Open up Moov Coach App and you’ll see this screen. Click ‘End workout and sync data’.


Step 12

You’ll be prompted by this screen: End your workout? Tap your Moov HR and press your Moov Now to connect and start syncing your data to your phone.


Step 13

Press your Moov Now for 5 seconds, and tap on your Moov HR Sweat.

Step 14

Syncing will begin automatically.




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