What kind of data do I get with Moov Swim with heart rate?

Quite a lot, really. You’ll get heart rate zone and graph, average and peak heart rate, DPS*, stroke rate, SWOLF**, fastest 100 yard time, lap breakdown, lap time, turn time, stroke count, swimming time, calories burned, total distance, total laps.


091317_1_HR_1.PNG 091317_2_HR_2.PNG

091317_3_DPS_and_Fastest_100.PNG 091317_4_Lap_breakdown.PNG 091317_5_Details.PNG


DPS* = distance per stroke.

SWOLF** = SWOLF is an abbreviation for “Swim Golf”, and is a score obtained by adding together your strokes per length, and the time for the length. e.g. 25 yards swim at 30 seconds in 20 strokes is a SWOLF score of 50.



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