How do I connect Moov HR Burn™ to my mobile device?

In order to connect your Moov HR Burn to your mobile device, you must first wear it on your chest. 

Moov HR Burn™ connects via Bluetooth directly within the Moov Coach app. It does not connect via the Bluetooth settings of the phone. 

To connect the Moov HR Burn™ directly to the Moov Coach app, please follow these steps:

1. Attach the Moov Core to the strap. Make sure that Moov Core is positioned correctly when snapped into the chest strap. If Moov Core is snapped into the strap with the words "Moov" upside down, it will not read your heart rate.

2. Wear your Moov HR Burn™ snug on your chest and ensure the connection pads are moist and touching the skin. 

3. Ensure the phone's Bluetooth is ON.

4. Open the Moov Coach app and select a workout that supports heart rate monitors. 

5. Click "Start workout"

6. On the next screen, if the Moov HR Burn is worn correctly, the name should automatically be displayed on the screen. 

7. To connect the device, tap on the name of the Moov HR Burn on the screen. 

8. Click "Continue to workout".


Prior to connecting, please:

1. Ensure the device is worn correctly as per the steps HERE

2. Check the battery status. When not in use, always detach the Moov HR Burn™ core from the chest strap to avoid battery from draining. Instructions on how to replace the battery can be found HERE

3. If you previously synced the Moov HR Burn™ directly to your phone's Bluetooth settings, please forget the device and restart your mobile device.


If after following these steps you are unable to connect your device, kindly contact us at support@moov.ccWe will be happy to help.

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