What happened to the Open Training workout?

The Open Training (Run My Own Way) workout has been improved, and renamed as Open Running. This program now gives you the freedom to customize your run by setting a target cadence or pace for the workout. If a target cadence or pace is set, the Moov Coach app provides audio coaching based on the targets set. If no target is set, the Moov Coach app provides frequent updates on motion analytics.

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    Ralph Shinevar

     Would it be possible to get a MOOV NOW running application similar to the swimming application.  I would like to be able to start a session, leave the phone behind and go run.  Then sync later to see the results like how far and how much time, calories, etc.  

    It is a pain to have to run with the phone.  Thanks.  

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    Aurora Irizzary

    Hello Ralph,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I'll let the team know that you are interested in this feature. If you have further doubts, please contact us at

    Best regards,

    - Team MOOV

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